Anything that makes life more difficult,
usually something that is itself trivial,
but is necessary for something else to happen.

Who knows where this came from? Lord knows, but he's not telling. Besides, God doesn't do technology.
I like to think its roots are in the words "glue" and "itch".
But of course, we all know it was developed under grant, for use in science organizations prone to error, such as NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and the nano-technological field in general, where glitches have been made so small as to appear totally correct and self-repairing.

"Apparently one needs software loaded on the computer to download photos from this digital camera.  If I can get that software, do you think it will be for PCs and Macs?

Little glitches in the road."
by Sue Dohnim June 17, 2004
Top Definition
An error in a structured system. It is usually applied to electrical and computer systems.
The electrical grid has developed a glitch
by Mittens November 11, 2003
A mistake, or bug, usually in a computer program or video game.
Dude, did you hear about the glitch in Counter-Strike 1.6 that lets you shoot your pistol when your shield is up?
by Frootcakemobile November 11, 2003
A small, often almost indescribable thing ... a paperclip ... a thinger ... a piece of snackfood, for example a Dorito chip, which in this case can describe a plate or container of snackfood, especially when in its plural form ... glitches ... an appetiser.

A very useful thinking word when you cannot remember its name ... a what-cha-ma-call-it ... a thing-a-ma-bob.
by Loodje van Slooten June 27, 2009
Seen commonly in the music press:

1. N. A genre of music, sometimes considered a subset of ambient or idm, which focuses on the idea of "errors" as a musical element. The "errors" in question are usually digital; a common element in glitch music is the rhythmic squeaking clicking noise which occurs when you play back a CD which has been badly scratched.

Seen less commonly, sort of local slang:

2. Adj/Adv. Something which produces pleasantly confusing and/or unpleasantly disorienting effects akin to those commonly resulting from listening to glitch music.
3. Verb. Doing something to someone which produces such effects.
1. "Oval is probably the most well-known artist in glitch, and his album "Systemisch" can be said to define the genre."
2. "The entire game consists of rolling up random 3D objects into a big wad and then throwing them into the sky. It's pretty glitch."
3. "'I saw Being John Malkovich this weekend, it totally glitched me."
by mcc February 02, 2005
An inexplicable problem or condition happening in a system.
A glitch in the code gave Bob twenty-six free months of AOL.
by Indigo November 11, 2003
- a software defect.
- A phrase used only by the media and old people who have no clue what just happened and want to call it something cute.
- a word used to convince the ignorant masses that there is a mysterious conspiracy happening.
- the fastest way to make someone who works in the software development industry cringe like fingernails on the chalkboard.
Poll Worker: Someone kicked the power cable to the electronic voting machine and it stopped working.

Reporter: Today's polling has been plagued by glitches. Prompting further calls for a full federal investigation of voting irregularities.
by Apa000 September 20, 2007
The sound that you hear when stepping in a pile of dog turd with your bare foot.
As I was walking across the lawn last night I knew I had to get the water hose when I heard the glitch on my foot.
by Dakeboy 59 October 17, 2011
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