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An Armenian word which means dick.
Ara Glir Es Du, which means Dude Your A Dick.
by Mamat Lezem January 07, 2005
Armenian word for "penis". Use sparingly. May also be used in connection with synonyms "blig" and "holig", which are less intense versions of the same word.
Glirs' dzde! (Suck my dick!)
by Antranik May 09, 2005
Go lick ian's rim. Commonly known acronym, often used in retaliation against the I.N.R.A. (ian neish rimming association). The termonology originating from the constant fingering and licking of the Welsh no-life, by the I.N.R.A.
KGB: goml

Squishy: GSAD

KGB: glir
by ianNEISHrims August 28, 2010
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