When you have a small stone in your shoe, that is very uncomfortable.
'Wait a minute, can we stop, I have a glip.'
'Oh I hate those.'
by C.Imo February 06, 2013
Top Definition
A gnome of dubious background, probably trying to enslave the world. Very evil.Just a fucking gnome.
-Dude, I just killed Glip!

-Thats not that hard you know.
by Lews March 14, 2005
(noun) A Black Mans/ Womans Lips aka Nigga Lips

Invented By a Young Lad Named T BONE
The black man had large glips they resembled Jay -Z's
by James1199 October 25, 2005
1. The femanine version of busting balls.
2. Vagina lips -giny lips
3. Roman saying no to a skins game cause it's too cold-a.k.a PUSSY!
1. Oh honey, I am just bustin' your glips!
2. Damn Roman, you just bite my giny lips.
3. Roman you're a fuckin' glips.
by BDUTS December 06, 2007
Someone who is a noob lover.
'Hey, free gold for new players!'

'dUd3, y4r SuC|-1 @ G1iP!'

'Yeah, ur a glip dude'

'Such a glip!'
by Lews April 19, 2005

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