A glesbian is a lesbian who dresses like a gay boy
That glesbian's outfit reminds me of something my gay cousin, jacob, would wear.
by Al_Buck September 21, 2012
Top Definition
A Girl whom isn't necessarily a lesbian but is hugely obsessed and utterly in love with all/some of the female characters/actresses in the Fox show Glee.
To be a Glesbian, you must also be a mega Gleek.
Girl looks up at her wall of obsessive Glee posters and magazine clippings, then turns to her friend...

Girl: Omg! Lea Michele from Glee is SOO awesome! I love her!

Friend: You're such a Glesbian!

Might Say:

"I would be totally be Gay for her!" (Female Glee character)


"Damn! Dianna Agron is gorgeous!"
by ThePheasntsAreAlwaysRight January 18, 2011
A lesbian trapped in a mans body ; tends to hook up with
straight women, sometimes known as the "BULLEST of DYKES".

guy/lesbian = glesbian ?!?!??!

strapless lesbo
hey darlin', just realized that i've been in the closet all

these years.......i'm a glesbian. My name is Butch.
by ding dong dipshit December 27, 2007
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