Welsh for 'tree by the cottage at the end of the valley by the dog drinking water. A very kind person, an angry liverpudlian, says 'like' too much but is a really cool person. Relentless in the pursuit of cleanliness. Has one sister. Does not like to me called a 'male.' Often mistaken for 'Gwenys' and merged with the name mike to create the one decent name of Glike.
Glenys is not a man.
by iafddym January 12, 2010
Top Definition
Welsh for peace and love. A defender of justice. You want one in your corner for she will defend you for life. A rare gem.

Often called Gladys, Gwendolyn or Gwyneth by those who don't listen. Using a person's name is the best compliment one can give, so get it right.
My lawyer, Glenys, will be defending me today.
by MyManCambridge February 02, 2010
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