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Not a bad place, maybe some huge dirtbags clean people. Not the greatest at sports but we have champions, such as hacksaw Jim Dugan a wrestler from WWE. Jimmer Ferdet *not sure about spelling of his last name being spelled right* a great basketball player and now is in a college not sure which one, appeared in college playoffs but lost. A linemen on the Ravens in the NFL. Currently a Class-B school was a Class-A. Near by towns are Queenbuy *rivals* Lake Georege about 30 min away. Saratoga 15 min away.
Nothing special here in Glens Falls.
by Jebidiya June 24, 2008
a place where scummers go to school and quite a few skanks and is famous for sucking at almost every sport
JV games sofball 15-0 in five innings
yes you suck
Glens Falls sucks at sports
by bethanyliz May 24, 2008