slang for venereal warts (condyloma acuminata radio mendacious) commonly manifested as fat, soft, moist, pink, or flesh-colored gorgons, typically in the genital area. They may be bloated, gasseous, small or smaller. They often combine to form a large cauliflower-shaped blowhard of a rushlimbaughlike node known to give off noxious gasses and peurile nonsense; the only known venereal disease resulting from terminal onanism
whoa, what's that on your blowhole- you've got glennbeck
by lexicali slim September 26, 2009
Top Definition
1. Synonymous with the word "bullshit."

2. Synonymous with the word "myth."

3. Synonymous with the words "drug addict; alcoholic."

4. Synonymous with a radio/TV host who spreads bullshit, myths, rumors, and a bunch of other random, nonsensical fuckery on a daily basis. Used to be an alcoholic and a drug addict.

1. David: Hey Doug, I heard some bad rumors about you at school.
Doug: Don't worry, it's a bunch of Glenn Beck.

2. In Ancient Glenn Beckology, there were stories of dragons and serpents. Note: I said STORIES.

3. A: Bill became a Glenn Beck, so he smoked pot until his brain stopped functioning.
B: Michael sure loves his booze, he must be an Glenn Beck!

4. Glenn Beck: Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program, my shit smells excellent.
by LOL BUTT SEHCS June 26, 2007
a talk show host who recreated his whole persona to fit the neo-con mold. Started the latest fad of glennbeckingwhich is a method of getting rid of anyone who has a different opinion than you do.
Glenn Beck on killing filmmaker Michael Moore

"I'm thinking about killing glennbecking Michael Moore, and I'm wondering if I could kill him myself, or if I would need to hire somebody to do it. No, I think I could. I think he could be looking me in the eye, you know, and I could just be choking the life out -- is this wrong?" 5/17/05

by Reagan Santmyer July 29, 2006
v. To rape and murder someone (especially a young girl in 1990)
If you don't shut up, I will come to your house and glennbeck your sister
by gwsuperfan September 09, 2009
The epitome of stupid.
You don't need one if you've seen "Glenn Beck" on FOX.
by greenpeas September 12, 2009
1. A mangina that pisses sitting down.
2. The fecal drippings from a buttsex creampie that run down the taint to create an unwanted pregnancy.
3. An aborted abortion, the result being that only the brains have been vacuumed but the person remains very much alive.
4. One of the original Garbage Pail Kids.
5. An "anchorman" who leaks estrogen out of his man-tits and cries repeatedly but is still one of the most fair and balanced personalities on Fox News.
1. I know she wears a skirt, but that's a dick-tucking Glenn Beck.
2. She went to the clinic to take care of that Glenn Beck.
3. That poor Glenn Beck can't even velcro his shoes by himself.
4. That Glenn Beck is the least valuable Garbage Pail Kid card ever.
5. Wow. Did you see Glenn Beck last night? That was a great newscast!
by theconcernedcitizen June 19, 2009
Just some fat bastard with a really annoying voice who thinks he's hot shit, when is just shit. Lying is his hobby and lacks the brain to argue those who oppose his views and one of the biggest losers on television. How he got his own show is beyond me.
CNN viewr: Yesterday, Glenn Beck says Iran is the biggest threat to the planet even though the NIE reported them shutting down the nuclear power program years back last month. Can you believe that moron?

Climate Change: Who cares, makes my job easier and quicker.
by abemab April 09, 2008
The Pee-Wee Herman of news punditry. A goofball extraordinaire who defies conventional wisdom by maintaining a loyal audience.
Caller: I'm asking you a logical question!
Glenn Beck: I'm giving you a logical answer!
Caller: You don't have logic!
Glenn Beck: You're right.

Caller: Where's your logic? What would you do? I'm asking you, "What would you do to change this healthcare system for the better?" After all, everytime you people bring up cost, you don't care about the trillions of dollars going to the banks and all the credit card companies...
by Shareeb4Prez September 23, 2009
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