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A town with high authority, many fear it and refer to it as the ghetto. Threr are many drugs, gangs, and illeagal immigrants around this town, along with many fights or "gang wars". Some people say that its neighboring town Glen Ellyn is the exact opposite but it actually is not they can party to its just the older rich yuppies that give it a bad name, well and along with the high population of police.
GH! Where it all goes Down!
by GH! April 30, 2005
It's not a town, it's a f*ckin lifestyle.
"That was so f*ckin G.H."
by sonia May 07, 2005
a town in illinois that is NOT AT ALL GHETTO YOU STUPID BASTARDS THAT SAY IT IS. We only had wat 2 shootings and drug bust but overall its not ghetto. If you want to see ghetto go to the south side of chicago, now thats ghetto. Also we don't have illegal immigrants so back off. Our town isn't that special but watever thats how we live. The only bad thing around here is our strict police force (not as strict as our neighbor carol stream's police). So don't talk shit about our town especially you glen ellyn kids who get high and drunk (under-age) at your huge house parties cuz u don't know shit about our town so back off.
Our town glendale heights (gh) isn't ghetto. If you wanna see ghetto go to the south side of chicago.
The neighboring town of Glen Ellyn. In some cases the \"ghetto verison\" of Glen Ellyn. It has nothing of any significance in it. Except for an occasional shooting, it\'s quite boring. Population total: 31,536. That\'s not including all of the illegal Mexican, and Indian aliens. If we count those, it\'s in the upper 50 thousands.
\"The boy had no money.\"
by Chris johnston VI April 26, 2005