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A very amazing, genuine and beautiful person and friend; Very creative person; a teacher.
She is definitely a Glenda friend.
That teacher is truly a Glenda.
by lill mama February 04, 2010
Glenda is a wonderful HOT girl and amazing friend. Glendas usually tend to be blond with brown eyes. They have the hottest fucking bodies you will ever see. Girls are often jealous of this girl. She is so sweat and very fun to be around!
Who is that hott chick Glenda?
Glenda is such an amazing friend.
I can't wait to hang out with Glenda tomorrow!
by Vwhore April 12, 2011
A Beautiful Princess; Sexy Ass Bitch; Beast.
You'll Never Be A Glenda.
by PookaSheree May 15, 2014
Transvestite Neighbor. Usually wears tutus. Attracted to young teenage boys. Lives in vents in the wall.
friend: have you seen glenda today
me: no, he raped me last time
by sWeRvIe July 12, 2014
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