To skeet, or nut. Basically, just ejaculate
Busted a nut so hard, bout ruptured my spleen, at the same time, filled a girls face with gleen!
by C-Mizzle August 08, 2005
Top Definition
Gleen= means u have a penis or are a penis. Made in kansas by the Kansas Crillians.
My gleen is swollen or u are a gleen.
by wrmrich October 31, 2009
Also used to describe a sexy, exotic chic. Others wish they were her or that she may one day notice them as they are small unimportant people and do not deserve her attention.
Damn that's a gleen!
Who runs the world? Gleen who runs the world? GLEEN, she could rock my world.
by supafine September 30, 2011
The sleeping spam...or glenn
You were so gleen...???
by jaforie July 16, 2003
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