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To skeet, or nut. Basically, just ejaculate
Busted a nut so hard, bout ruptured my spleen, at the same time, filled a girls face with gleen!
by C-Mizzle August 08, 2005
Also used to describe a sexy, exotic chic. Others wish they were her or that she may one day notice them as they are small unimportant people and do not deserve her attention.
Damn that's a gleen!
Who runs the world? Gleen who runs the world? GLEEN, she could rock my world.
by supafine September 30, 2011
Gleen= means u have a penis or are a penis. Made in kansas by the Kansas Crillians.
My gleen is swollen or u are a gleen.
by wrmrich October 31, 2009
The sleeping spam...or glenn
You were so gleen...???
by jaforie July 16, 2003