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1.To mack on every single female in a party or gathering
2.To hook up with a female
guy 1: Dude I totally got with those 3 girls man!!
guy 2: Yeee son! you be glebbin!!
by MrChiggA September 19, 2011
a glebbin is a green monster, looks like jello, who eats people.
when are you coming out of the glebbin?
by kaylaxxxx November 29, 2007
To show ones excitement verbally. Used to represent joy or over-stimulation.
I think the proton-laser is truly one of our best GLEBBBIN!

I never touched her, she was the one that GLEBBIN!!...first.
by Lipsicle August 08, 2007
the one word can mean anything, used in any sentence to replace word you would normaly use.
check the glebbin on that bitch.
glebbin! (excited)
i just feel a bit glebbin.
by paddy donnelly September 09, 2006
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