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to go eat out a plus sized woman, and get your face glazed in her juices
shawn was eating out taylor and came up lookin like a glazed donut
by durty white T November 27, 2009
20 26
a vertical smile doused in a special blend of batter
The glazed donut was just a perfect snack.
by Zach Beyer February 21, 2005
7 13
a girl's asshole that has been reamed and splooged on. guy cum on girl's butthole. asshle must be wide open.
after i vigorously pounded her butt i pulled out and made a glazed donut out of her sphincter.
by jwilk January 13, 2004
33 39
A wet, sticky condition of a man's face (from roughly eyebrows to chin and mid-cheek to mid-cheek) resulting from complete immersion of said man's face in the meat curtains of a woman's loins.
I went down on this fat chic last night and ended up with a gigantic glazed donut.
by Sugar 1. Sugar 2. October 23, 2009
6 13
When you cum in someone's ass so hard, they get a glazed look on their face.
I gave her a glazed donut last night.
by A.M. MagicMan April 30, 2008
5 12
The act of taking a girl in the ass, pulling out, and spooning all over her pastry buns, thus transforming her rump into the illusion of an oversized, quivering glazed donut.
I finish doing anal sex on my girlfriend and performing a money shot on her buns, making it a glazed donut.
by Akit February 29, 2004
50 57
One who whacks off so much that it produces a thin layer of sperm around the penis.
Dude, i have some serious Glazed Donut!
by Lunchboxx.exe July 05, 2007
5 13