a girl who has recently engaged in sexual activities using her breast on a male organ
I took of her bra lubed up her boobs and gave her glazed donuts
by Ryan Hall May 26, 2006
A bunch of guys have a circle jerk around a plain donut, and they ejaculate on it. The guy that ejaculates last has to eat the now "glazed" donut.
Bob came last so that poor dude had to eat the glazed donut.
by dboyfromdahood February 18, 2013
glazed donut is when a man squirts his white stuff in a lady's pussy
donut= pussy
glazed= man white stuff
Girl last night my man made me a glazed donut

I love having sex and getting my donut glazed
by Kiamaraca April 15, 2008
a girl's asshole that has been reamed and splooged on. guy cum on girl's butthole. asshle must be wide open.
after i vigorously pounded her butt i pulled out and made a glazed donut out of her sphincter.
by jwilk January 13, 2004
(Adj.) To incur the effect of Glaze, with the outward appearance of a glazed doughnut.

For double-glazing, see Circle Jerk.
Woohoo! Glazed donuts! Let's eat! Somebody tell Margaret to drag her Poonis in here... NOW!
by D'emon November 13, 2002
When said person masterbate on his room mate pillow while the room mate is out for the day leaving a shining crust on his pillow
I gave Tim a "Glazed Donut" today while he was out taking a test today
by Critcalmax November 06, 2012
It's when a guy ejaculates in a circurlar motion (like a donut) in a girls hair while they are asleep. Once they wake up, the "glazing" will be hard.
After having sex with my girlfriend, I decided to give her a Glazed Donut for a sweet morning treat.
by xTERMINATORx November 16, 2010

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