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The most possible intoxication of weed you can achieve. Where you can only remember small parts of the day. Creates the largest amount of munchies any person can achieve.
he is so glazed that he don't know where he is
by blunt maker #1 December 10, 2009
8 9
Glaze. to ejaculate over someone, completely covering them like a glaze.

im going to triple glaze all over you!
you got glazed!
Did you get some double glazing?
by the wicker man May 03, 2007
23 26
To soak a marijuana filled blunt in cough syrup so that it may be smoked , highly intoxicating the participants.
I smoke them glazed blunts...the syrup gets you messed up
by Redwood Slim February 03, 2010
2 8
glazed over in appearance or mood, like a glazed donut
arrrgh~ i didn't get enough sleep, i'm so glazed right now
by brother gabe November 06, 2008
2 10
To be covered in female juices After vaginal sex.
Man She glazed my penis. I need a shower!
by Bigreye December 31, 2005
11 34