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Any attractive man or woman who engages in sexual activities with many people and is very willing to engage in sexual activities at any given moment.

Also known as a hoe.
Joshua: Damn man, I got it in with Gloria. I am THE man.
Dan: Nah don't get hype, she's just a glaze.

Frank: Gloria, you want to go out for dinner, then maybe head back to my place?
Gloria: Sure ;)
Dan: Frank skip the dinner, she's a glaze, she'll put out regardless!
Frank: Oh close one! I almost tried to make a glaze a housewife. Thanks, Dan !

Elizabeth: Arnold, you are so cute & sweet :)
Arnold: So you wanna smash?
Elizabeth: Oh, you're a glaze; I see...
by beeyoutifull March 02, 2011
Gay slang for wanting your partner to ejaculate into your colon.
Oh my God he glazed me last night when I told him not to. I wanted his chunky love man egg white all over my tonsils, not swimming in shit.
by ThomasEmmm October 31, 2010
to get high, another word for "blazing"
"OMG i was sooo glazed yesterday, i smoked like 6 bowls!"

"We were glazing all day!"
by sdfa December 11, 2003
To slide across damp railings on your feet.
I glazed the park bench.
by George July 27, 2003
-------To steal or take something that isn't yours.
Someone glazed my car.
by N. East Coast October 23, 2007
when someone is about to shed tears after being done over
" Brooksy fell over, someone get Brooksy a kleenex, he's going to glaze"
" i think im gna need a lifejacket cos Brooksy is gona glaze"
" il go get my snorkel an mask, Brooksys gna glaze"
Name for a females genitals
I rubbed the shit out of Ruby's glaze last night!
by Brian529 February 13, 2008