To glaze someone is to cum on their breasts, and then proceed to spread it all over with your hands, tongue or any other body part. The result is extremely satisfying for the male as the breasts end up looking like glazed donuts.
"Hey Johnny, wouldn't you wanna glaze that chicks tits"
"Yea mate, I'd leave her tits looking like Krispy Kreme glazed donuts!"
by Insan3Chi1d July 11, 2015
Any attractive man or woman who engages in sexual activities with many people and is very willing to engage in sexual activities at any given moment.

Also known as a hoe.
Joshua: Damn man, I got it in with Gloria. I am THE man.
Dan: Nah don't get hype, she's just a glaze.

Frank: Gloria, you want to go out for dinner, then maybe head back to my place?
Gloria: Sure ;)
Dan: Frank skip the dinner, she's a glaze, she'll put out regardless!
Frank: Oh close one! I almost tried to make a glaze a housewife. Thanks, Dan !

Elizabeth: Arnold, you are so cute & sweet :)
Arnold: So you wanna smash?
Elizabeth: Oh, you're a glaze; I see...
by beeyoutifull March 02, 2011
Gay slang for wanting your partner to ejaculate into your colon.
Oh my God he glazed me last night when I told him not to. I wanted his chunky love man egg white all over my tonsils, not swimming in shit.
by ThomasEmmm October 31, 2010
to get high, another word for "blazing"
"OMG i was sooo glazed yesterday, i smoked like 6 bowls!"

"We were glazing all day!"
by sdfa December 11, 2003
To slide across damp railings on your feet.
I glazed the park bench.
by George July 27, 2003
-------To steal or take something that isn't yours.
Someone glazed my car.
by N. East Coast October 23, 2007
when someone is about to shed tears after being done over
" Brooksy fell over, someone get Brooksy a kleenex, he's going to glaze"
" i think im gna need a lifejacket cos Brooksy is gona glaze"
" il go get my snorkel an mask, Brooksys gna glaze"

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