1. A gay (homosexual) fan of the TV show "Glee." In other words, a gay Gleek.

2. a gleeful homosexual
1. I am such a glay. I'm going to pre-order "Glee" as soon as it comes out on DVD and watch it with the college LGBT group when I get it.

2. Today has been so wonderful that it has turned me into a glay.
by quantumdani November 23, 2009
Top Definition
Glay is one of the best, if not THE best, Japanese rock bands ever and it is composed by Takuro (founder and guitarist), Teru (singer), Hisashi (guitarist), and Jiro (bass player).

The name 'GLAY' originated from the English word 'GRAY' (since R sounds like L on Japanese) and gray because their music is a mixture of white/pop and black/heavy rock. Glay's songs are a mixture of pop and rock music and they range from beautiful ballads to hard rock songs. Takuro, founder and band leader who writes most of Glay's songs and music, is a big Beatles fan, so you can hear influences from English bands as well as American rock bands on their music. Teru's amazing voice also plays a very important role on Glay's music style.
Glay owns!
by Glay Fan January 01, 2004
A really rocking Japanese band. Actually talented, which is a rarity among Japanese bands.

Incredibly popular in Japan; has an incredible catch phrase (YAY for GLAY!).

EchanxKana: You stupid fuck, Morning Musume is just a band that tries to make up for their own lack of talent by incorporating as many members as possible. Go listen to some GLAY. They can actually play instruments.

2. YAY for GLAY!
by Yaoi-chan August 11, 2004
Any man who watches the television program "Glee" combined from the words Glee and gay as even if the guy in question doesn't enjoy the company of other men, watching glee is close enough.
bob: so you guys watch the new Family Guy?
tim: oh yeah, it was alright.
ted: I was watching Glee instead.
bob: you are so Glay.
by masteroffire November 23, 2012
Glay is the nicest person you will ever meet 1 to the 5 one to the five one to the 5 he's an amazing rider and will do anything to be friends with you He loves Merry's milkshakes ..
Omg Glay is so nice xx
by AustralianGurl March 08, 2015
A male who watches the TV Program "Glee" and claims it to be the best program ever.

Derivitave from the words gay and glee.

Occasionally spelt gley

See also glayk.
God, Dan says he's straight but really he's such a glay.
by lolsmurf February 15, 2010
A gay person who is surely glamorous
Have you seen that gay guy wearing a feather bauer and stilettos, he's so glay!
by Leaaah December 20, 2014
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