A unique punk band that plays a truly different kind of music, that could be compared to At the Drive-In. They formed in 1998, with only 2 members at the start (J.C on guitar and Julio C. Martin on drums). They wrote several songs before adding in Ariel Arro as their second guitarist, and Willy on bass, following up with Jason Calleiro on kickass vocals. Before their first tour, though, Willy dropped out and was replaced by Anthony Lopez.
They got signed to Ides of March Records, getting their attention by playing highly energetic live shows.
They released their first album in 1999, titled Miles Ahead of Where We Left Off. After a few more tours, they switched to Eulogy Recordings and, shorty after, recorded their second album, entitled 7 Years Bad Luck (My personal favorite). After a while though, they switched over to Fearless Records, and recorded their third album Everything Is Beautiful When You Don't Look Down.
"Duuude, I saw Glassjaw live last night and they were insaaaaane."
by Kappz March 04, 2012
Top Definition
1.) Someone who can't take a punch.
2.) A band that owns you.
1.) That mothafucka's a glassjaw, he can't take a hit nigga.
2.) Glassjaw esta para todavia.
by D to the G June 22, 2004
A jaw thats easily broken, or about to be broken
dont talk shit, you had better watch that glass jaw
by Big Robert March 06, 2005
an awesome hardcore band, whose frontman is really hott.

they do sing about whores...
it is great music
by i have a name? April 25, 2003
band the redifined music
glassjaw does not lick elton john's ass
by Carl Tice November 04, 2003
prime music
Glassjaw is prime.
by MickeyChickey October 04, 2003
a kickass band who i fell in love w/ from the moment i heard em.
glassjaw truly makes anyone want to die of happiness in concert.
by mmmuuusssaaaccc kid July 30, 2003
a band that had the best record of all time (EYEWTKAS) then kind of softened up. they're still awesome, but their first album was better
as long as your mouth is shut, you'll still be fuckin beautiful
by Jimmy Urine October 16, 2003
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