Defecating onto a piece of plastic wrap held snugly above your lover's face. This provides the view similar to a glass bottomed boat. See also: bradar
Hi want me to crap on your face? or would you like a glass-bottomed boat today instead? I am feeling dirty...rrrrrr.
by foug December 15, 2003
Top Definition
This is for poop freaks that might not want to go all the way. Person A (the shitter) and person B (the target a.k.a the person "shat" upon) Person B lays under a glass top coffee table while looking up. Person A takes a dump over the persons face, or other appropriate area of choice. Thus simulating being "pooped on" without all the mess. (I belive the smell could still be an issue)
origin: unknown, though based on glass bottom boats used to watch fish .
"After we scored few lines of coke off my glass topped coffee table, I climbed under it and had my "lover" straddle on top, with her cheeks spread. Her ass opened like the mouth of a lamprey and deposited a big healthy turd over my face. I licked the glass as if I were a fish under a "glass bottomed boat"
by Morbog September 27, 2004
the act of wrapping seran wrap around a partner's head, and then performing the cleveland steamer on the seran wrap.
by Anonymous April 15, 2003
The art of placing cling wrap over your sex partners mouth and pushing it in a bit so that it forms a trough in their mouth. Step 2 is to defecate into the trough and force the turd in. Your partner must then suck the warmth out of the faeces.
A glass bottomed boat is nasty
by Agrabarian November 11, 2004
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