1.to steal or hook up with your good friends girl 2. the act of going after a friends girlfriend or girl 3. hooking up with your 'homies' girl within a month or less after a break up 4.going behind your best friends back and stealing or hooking up their girl 5. the g-lash move is pretty much betraying all trust and using your position as best friend to steal away ones girlfriend
1. My bestfriend Bob g-lashed me the other night! He totally hooked up with this girl i was dating! 2. Garrett totally g-lashed stef, natalee, and emily 3. Oh God, I hope i dont get g-lashed this weekend!
by heapster January 29, 2008
Top Definition
The word " Glash " is the act of a Prelash, however only involving the female sex thus "G-lash" stands for Girl lash. Glash is a play on the words in order to make the male sex know where there not wanted. It involves shots, cocktails, crazy reggaeton music, a camera(preferably one with good focuss) and the occasional strongbow black. Glash's arent the most memorable nights so the pictures that come from it jog the memory. Glash's are joyous,drunken occasions where the males have no say.
-"Glash at yours?"
-" Before the party lets have a Masssive Glash?"
- "Glash it up girls"
Boy- can i come ?
Girl - No its a glash. Scrape out and pipe down.
by Ballefezghis2010 June 21, 2010
Glash is the act of stealing your girlfriend, constant hook up, or close girl that happens to be your friend. Glash or lashers are only interested in the female pray if and only if she is taken. Glash will swoop as soon as you show slight interest in the same female.

Be aware of the Glash he is always on the prowl.

Glash lashed natalee, steff, and emily in one quick manure.
by McSwoops January 27, 2008
the act of stealing something or someone. most commonly used to describe stealing someone (usually a close friend's) girlfriend or girl of interest, but it has been expanded to mean stealing anything in general
Dude im so sorry, i totally g-lashed your girl...but we're cool now right?

Ah fuck, you totally g-lashed my seat

He g-lashed stef, emily, and natalee in one epic summer
by a guy whos been there July 28, 2008
Totally cool; awesome; one of the best.
(May also be refered to as glashy, glashous, etc.)
You got the glashy style...
by Chant'L April 01, 2005
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