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A scottish football team. Supported by mainly Protestants and have been coined Dirty Orange bastards (DOBs) and huns. They also have a grossly different way of interpreting F.T.P...........
"The huns lost at the weekend" - random person talking about Glasgow Rangers losing their match
"Glasgow Rangers dropped to 3rd place in the league under Hearts"
by The Aise of Spaids June 13, 2006
A scottish football team, who ain't celtic and are supported by BNP voting nazis.
'Rangers = White power' flag often seen at televised rangers games
by black flag June 02, 2004
A nickname for Scotland's Shame FC. Have a habit of hyping themselves up and falling well below expectations. Have an extremely close relationship with the SFA, so their fans are never punished for singing racist chants or travelling down to Manchester and rioting. Such is the life of a Hun.
Scotland's shame, or Glasgow Rangers, haven't won the league in 3 years. What a bunch of underachieving orange bastards. We prefer Celtic, why don't they go home?
by Sheep Shagger5000 August 28, 2008

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