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random unidentifiable "stuff" usually stuck to something else where you arn't expecting it. sticky dirt. If you know what it is it isnt glarb.
Ewwww! the dog is covered in Glarb! "I'm not cleaning it, its all covered in Glarb!"
by September 05, 2011
A zombie with no teeth, whom gums your shoulder, they also have no nails, thus they cannot spread infection. They sit on your shoulder until flicked in the nose, then run away crying.
After the zombiepocalypse we kept a pet glarb to help carry our stuff
by Sinister Claws January 09, 2010
fatty substance. the appearance of fat.
The piece of chicken I was eating had a lot of glarb on it.

If you like fat chicks, then you like chicks who are glarbalicious.

It's hard to sit around watching TV and not become glarbilated.

I'm becoming a tad glarby these days.
by rock-10 October 09, 2003

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