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A racist way of describing how an Asian person says the word "grape."
Stereotypical Asian: "You pass more glape jell-o, please?"

Joe: "Sure, but I think you mean 'grape'."

Stereotypical Asian: "Oh, kank you."

by jewboy11505 April 10, 2009
A mixture of the word Glomp and the Word Rape
Friendly meaning,
Used mostly online and in certain anime circles,it is a more
sexual action then that of simply"glomping" someone,it is lovingly (and dramatically) attacking another with a hug which can be seen like that of making love in a standing (or knocked to the floor) positon.
Dude Aizen is so hot I would so glape him all night long.
by Disempra May 31, 2011
To glomp and rape someone simultaneously. Is often pleasurable but can sometimes be unwanted.
Shea glaped Axl when he took his shirt off.
by Shinigami Jacko November 16, 2007
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