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Glanny is the bromance between Danny O'Donoghue and Glen Power from The Script. It is shipped widely across the internet and band mate Mark Sheehan sometimes feels left out. Glanny are in the closet but are suspected to come out anytime now.
Wow, Glanny are so in love.
by helloogays December 08, 2013
One who bears the name of glanny (glen, glan, glanno etc) is a chap most fond of adding a sex joke and or reference into every possible sentence. He can be found in the darkest reaches of the interwebs such as 4chan and lolshock sharing vast amounts of memes all across his friends facebook untill it causes an internal server error and facebook shuts down.
Glanny: "Hey broski wanna hear a joke about my penis?' Me: "Okay" Glanny: "Nevermind its too long! loooooooool!" Me: "I dont want to live anymore."
by More length please February 28, 2013
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