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Glaaang- noun- The positive recognition of a sexual inuendo culminating in a hyperbolic gesture of excitement/ arousal (i.e. a hand shake or simply speaking the word "glang")

Glaaang- verb- (1)To call attention to an inadvertent sexual inuendo. (2)To be sexual (3) To simulate a vagina with a hand shake gesture (4) To have sex (5) To have oral sex (6) To have sex-related swagger (7) To reach climax... See more

Glaaang- adj- Possessing attractive physical attributes; eye pleasing. syn.- sexy

Origin: 2009-2010 (from the hood) pre fix: gla- gulliness, swag; suffix: ang- booty, ass, pussy.
"Yo son, you seen'd that ass on shawty? Glang!"
by Five Glang General March 08, 2010
20 2
When somebody says something stupid and somebody else swipes there hand in front of the other
by grty October 24, 2009
0 9
somethin ur wearin that looks like shit!
that stuff is glang dawg!
by bluntflip April 09, 2005
2 13