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Glaaang- noun- The positive recognition of a sexual inuendo culminating in a hyperbolic gesture of excitement/ arousal (i.e. a hand shake or simply speaking the word "glang")

Glaaang- verb- (1)To call attention to an inadvertent sexual inuendo. (2)To be sexual (3) To simulate a vagina with a hand shake gesture (4) To have sex (5) To have oral sex (6) To have sex-related swagger (7) To reach climax... See more

Glaaang- adj- Possessing attractive physical attributes; eye pleasing. syn.- sexy

Origin: 2009-2010 (from the hood) pre fix: gla- gulliness, swag; suffix: ang- booty, ass, pussy.
"Yo son, you seen'd that ass on shawty? Glang!"
by Five Glang General March 08, 2010
When somebody says something stupid and somebody else swipes there hand in front of the other
by grty October 24, 2009
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