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a phrase to be used as a noun, verb or adjective to describe the highest pinnacle of excitement, experience or being. can be used as a negative or positive...main objective of the Gladiation is that it is used to inspire and ignight the inner gladiator in all....
you were a contestant on American Gladiators "GLADIATION BABY!"
you lost as a contestant on American Gladiations "Damn that Gladiation"

You are a bad ass mamajama..."you are the mother of all Gladiation"
You are a lameass "damn you and your gladiation"

by Christine "CK" Kim December 10, 2007
Verb/ Noun. The act of gladiating as made popular by the ancient civilizations. What gladiators do. Past tense: Gladiationed
When the hoes started "throwin down", the bystanders witnessed themselves some gladiation.
by Gladiationeer February 28, 2009