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The redneck word for glad.
Me : hatch u done with ur hw?

Hatch: yeah im glab

Me : wait... what? glad?

Hatch : idk
by MattIsThaTruth October 06, 2009
A Gay Loser Asian Boy
Bill:"God damn, Jay is such a Glab"
by AshSucks January 06, 2012
Internet-speak for: Gigglin' Like A Bitch
GenericSN: Wait, so YOU stole my pants and chopped off my wang? GLAB!!
by Cadpig December 21, 2003
An acronym standing for:

Good Looking Asian Boy
Example 1

Friend A: Oh my god, look over there!

Friend B: What?

Friend A: GLAB

Friend B: Oh my god you're right, he's such a glab!

Example 2

Friend A: Oh my god, do you know EXO?

Friend B: YES Oh my god, they're such glab's!

Friend A: I know right especially Luhan.

Friend B: Nah, I think Kai best.
by exotic4life June 26, 2014
Great Los Angeles Boobs; an award given to great LA boobs.
Guy 1:Damn that girls stacked!
Guy 2:Man isnt she from LA?
Guy 1:She deserves a GLAB award
by Jay and Kendrick August 11, 2004
Get Lashed and Bounce
Hey lets Get Lashed and Bounce at GLAB
by The Goon April 05, 2007