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Gjoni is a nickname for Gjon, and comes from East-Europe/Asia. Gjoni typically has hair on his cheeks, and stresses alot. He likes to tell stories, and chill out at the local shopping-mall. He is a positive and active boy who loves to play Skyrim and LOL. He likes to chill out with Santa, Woolsocks, Benjamin Franklin, the North-Norwegian Kurdish with lots of hair on his body, the Onion named Martin, Liam from 1D, Gitle van Swingthroat and the Uv-inator. He is known to create socially awkward situations by doing something REALLY wierd.
Often said:
"Gutta, GUTTA?!"

Often said about him:
"Har noen sett Gjoni?"
"Gjoni burde skaffe seg mobil"
by Gunnarene January 07, 2012
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