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An Italian name meaning, "Pretty girl". Most girls named Giulietta are either shy or outgoing. In some cases she is both. She is beautiful, nice, smart, friendly, and can put up a good fight. She has a nice body and kick anyones ass at any given moment. She sticks up for her friends and likes to laugh and joke around.
friend: "What do you call pretty girls Jack?"
Jack: "I call them Giuliettas"
by thecutestpersonintheworld12345 December 30, 2010
Normally a tasty little piece of crumpet. However, be warned, she is prone to bouts of refusing to wash or bath. As such, she often smells of yeast. If you can look past these negatives, she is normally a sure thing in the sack, but don't expect her to be adventerous; missionary is a wild as it gets. She has been quoted as saying, "I just lay there, suck it up, and wait for the guy to finish pumping into me." Rather unexpectedly, however, will put almost anything in her mouth for the right price. Also, gives a good rib fuck.
Person 1: "What is that smell... It smells like bread."
Person 2: "Oh, must be Giulietta."
Person 3: "There she is, blowing a guy for a tenner."
by Gogginsworth February 03, 2010

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