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The best person you will ever meet. She is batshit crazy at first but once you get to know her you enjoy the craziness. She is intelligent, independent, and a natural leader. She is one of hottest, most beautiful girls you will ever meet. She is quick on her feet with sarcastic remarks that can be misunderstood for total bitchiness. She is loving and caring but can be sneaky behind your back. She also has the craziest ideas at some times. You never know what to expect with a Giuliana!
Jack: Man did you see that new girl she's so hot!
Sam: True man but she's crazy!
Jack: And she's so sarcastic too!
Sam: Man she's a Giuliana!
by jackboi2098 April 24, 2017
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An exotic looking girl who cannot be defined in one, single race, therefore looking multiracial and has a certain sex appeal.
Ryan: Did you see that new girl? She is SO hot!

Chris: Yeah man, what is she, like Filipino, or Brazilian or something?

Ryan: Dude, she's a Giuliana.
by Filibeaner June 15, 2009
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Can be described three ways

1) the jester: laughs at anything and everything ever said

2) Former spouse to a submachine gun named AK47

3)Sometimes known as 'the zohan' for wild and crazy hairstyles that resemble a chic 80's horror film. crazy wild wicked.

4) uberlicious piece of raunch.
batshit crazy
kid 1: OMG mike did you see Gewelz today?
Kid 2: you mean giuliana alec?
alec: yeah uberlicious raunchy eh
mike: yeah zohan material
alec: im askign her to prom
mike: fuck you man! I am
alec and mike: oh giuliana!
by lolzguyzmembzthertacommonloung October 06, 2008
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A cupboard-dwelling goblin, common to the Andes regions, particularly Bolivia, Argentina, and Ecuador. The Giuliana, or "Giulians-Ana" assaults the fingers of greedy children, attempting to grasp sweets on the high shelves of its home.
"Billy,stay away from those cookies, a Giuliana will gnaw your fingers off!"

"Are those Giuliana bites? Mother will be SO angry at you!"
by Test Entry Sarcastic January 01, 2009
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a sexy, funny, kind of retarded girl. They can make you smile just by looking at you. When you meet a Giuliana, just know she is the one. They play hard to get but once you have their heart, its yours. They might have a bunch of hoes but when in a relationship, they are the most loyalist. Never lose a Giuliana
Bob- "you see that girl over there, shes a total Giuliana!"
by bigbreasts4224 March 31, 2017
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