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The phrase 'Git Thyat!', formed by its New Bedford High School culminators, can be often heard ringing through the halls of tan house, like church bells on a Sunday morning, but with a more explicit undertone. Implications of this brilliant medley of words are usually sexual relations, "mackin'" if you will, and the rarest instance of one taking a date out to a nice dinner and then following it up with a respectful phone call. Henceforth, it is only the most necessary to urge on a newly formed relationship with this crude and blatant maxim; it really gets the juices flowin'! It is even possible to hear the Latin form: "Arripe illam!" Thus, it's quintessential to fulfill your duties and keep the shibboleth alive by doing nothing other than saying it every day of you mere mortal life!
Toprameneesha: Hey Roy, what are you doing this saturday night?

Roy: Gee Whiz, Toprameneesha, I would really like to get together with you!

Random Bystander walking by: "Git Thyat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by Mariano Papi (praaaaaaa!) April 10, 2009

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