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An amazing girl, whose name deserves more than just 6 definitions on She uses glasses, but it doesn't matter if she is wearing them or if she is using contacts because she is beautiful either way. She is very shy at first, but once you share a laugh or cotton candy you two will become best friends. She has a smile that makes all others smile and she has a laugh that makes all other laugh. She cares about everyone and tries to be the best friend she can be by often giving gifts. It is hard not to like Giselle after meeting her because she is just everything you could possibly want in a girlfriend, however she is in a relationship with someone else. Her eyes are big and bright and they pierce into your soul and make you cookies. She is wonderful and there is no girl more perfect to have as a girlfriend. She often receives toothbrushes for Christmas but does not know why people give them to her. Well, near perfect anyways. She likes to be called "babe".
Christian: Hey you know Giselle?
Kevin: Yeah, she is my girlfriend.
Christian: You are lucky

Kevin: Yeah she is the best girlfriend anyone could ask for.
by kturtle51 September 09, 2012
A girl who is super cool but often misjudged.
Garey: You see that girl giselle?
Matt: yeah... what about her?
Garey: She's so skanky.
Matt: Dude, no she's not. She's pretty damn awesome and down-to-earth... and she has a hot body.
Garey: You're so fucking right!
by chloexgiselle April 12, 2008
Giselle is an amazing girl and is really beautiful inside & outside. She's really friendly and gets along with anyone. She's really Funny,Amazing,Adorable,Cute,Beautiful,Gorgeous, and Awesome. She thinks she's Awesome but she really is Awesome and everyone knows she is. The minute you meet her you won't be able to get her off your mind. She is loved by everyone. She's fun to be with & very talkative but never boring. She has the cutest smile you'll ever see. When she's in a relationship she's really loyal & will make you fall in love with her. She's easy to love. If you're her boyfriend you'll be proud of calling you hers. She gets jealous of anyone, doesn't matter who but she's the jealous type and gets mad if you talk to any girl because she's afraid to lose you. She's the best girlfriend you can ever have. If you lose her you're actually stupid because you lost the best girl that will ever make you feel loved. She love you for you & that's all. She's really gorgeous & has an amazing personality. She can be immature at times but its because that's really how she is but you know you still love her no matter what. Giselle is very Awesome & Amazing.
"Giselle is my girlfriend & I'm very lucky to call her mine"

"Giselle is so gorgeous!"
"Giselle loves Zayn Malik"
by Brandonlovesgiselle January 20, 2013
Giselle is a pretty name for a girl equally as pretty and is cool because it is an un common name. giselle is the name that you would give to an outgoing person who likes to party and have fun but also likes to read. If you meet a girl named giselle who meets all of the above said qualities you should definitely chill and smoke a bowl with her. Giselle is the name of a girl who would never even think of fucking a non living object (i.e toothbrush)
Person #1: do you know giselle
person#2: Yeah shes a straigh g yo
by chris-p April 05, 2011
Giselle Is a Nice loud Funny girl

Shes gets misjudged by many people she usually wears glasses or has braces (: Giselles try to find the right guy he has to be nice sweet & not a player Giselles usually tend to have a passion Sports or Dance or instrument.. They love music

Any guy would Love a giselle
Hey you see her her names Giselle

Guy 2:i Can tell shes a beauty
by lilkitty456 April 12, 2014
The name of a girl or women with a really small ass that goes inwards instead of out.
Damn that girl over there looks like a Giselle.
by Majar Hoodini August 29, 2016
A beautiful girl with lots of intentions. Has many friends around her, (she just doesnt know it). Secretly evryone older than her thinks she is absolutly perfect. She has amazing features and can make anytime a happy time.

Yet also the mosts stuck up snoot ever. She will backstab you and tell all your secrets. Dont trust her with any deep secrets.
Woah dude did you see that chick?
Yea mann, thats Giselle, a total beauty.
Ill say..
by Urbndictnary March 11, 2010
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