The best looking girl out there, normally Mexican. She really knows how to talk to her man and is a freak in bed.
I wish my girlfriend was like Gisela
by Great White Kid August 07, 2009
Top Definition
(n.) A girl who you will never truly believe is real. Too hot to be real, too cute to be real, too smart to be real, too real to be real. She'll always surprise you, and you'll always appreciate her in your life. Be careful to notice when in her presence, because you're lucky to cross paths even once before you die.
"I love you Gisela"
by aburntoutgenius February 05, 2010
The name derives from the Old German word "gisil" (offspring, or noble heritage) or "gisel" (ray, the radiant).
She is the "gisela" of my life.

by Vavaboom March 24, 2009
a girl that is incredibly beautiful, has the softest skin in the world, sweetest voice, and will make you smile on your saddest days. Then will will slowly drift away from you, claim you to be a horrible person, and tear your heart out by loving, and using the word love to describe her feelings for someone else. OH, and influences her family to believe that what she is doing is right, and as she is doing everything behind your back, they continue to treat you as if you were family to only later hate you and despise you despite the unethical and evil shit she's doing, and all the while these events continue to go on she also happens to be an amazingly good liar. yeah... that's a gisela... date at your own risk
So how's your girlfriend?
not good man...
she turned out to be a gisela
no way! that shit cray!
by Elibig lumez April 27, 2012
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