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What Arnold thinks of the other peolple running for governors.
"They are girly men" - Arnold S.
by Joshjennings August 05, 2004
terms that huge, muscular, jock-types use to refer to any man who they percieve as a "wimp", either in physical appearance/abilities, or because of their words, actions or beliefs.
Hans refused to get his coffee at the local espresso bar because he said that it was frequented by "latté-drinking girly men who don't know what a real cup of coffee is"
by Ugliness Man August 03, 2004
Buffalax's "translation" of the Tamil word "Golimar". A mondegreen.
"Girly man! Girly ma-a-a-aaaaaan! Gosh my old calculator ain't got no bow!" (Indian Thriller)
by .NetRolller 3D November 11, 2008
a man that has some inmasculain traits, ie low pain tolerance, not very strong, etc.
see some defenitions of pussy
"what do you mean you can lift those weights? are you a girly man?"
by edward_pumpernickel August 03, 2004
1. Perjorative word for men who lack machismo, large muscles, luxuriant facial hair or other such tokens of hyper-masculinity.

2. Perjorative word for homosexual men.

3. Insult coined by Saturday Night Live characters Hans and Franz, and mimicked by California governor Arnol Schwartzenager.
You can't even lift a pretzel, you little girly man!
by teh pope August 03, 2004
what arnold called people because arnold is the man
to tell u the truth i dont really know
by apugs August 07, 2004
Term used to describe cowadly men, comparing them to gay men.

Arnold Shwartzanegger called Jay Leno a girly man in a girly suit...and most recently called the budget makers of California girly men.
"You're such a girly man Jay in your guuuurly suit...awawaawawa*!

*Arnold Shwartzanegger noise
by Alex Fridlyand August 05, 2004