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Female arousal. The girl equivalent to morningwood guys experience upon waking.
OMG. After sexting with this super hot guy last night, I totally woke up with girl wood.
by My Milkshake July 08, 2009
The tingling sensation or reaction a female feels when aroused. The beginning of a wet spot.
As she watched him walk across the room she had instant girlwood.
by Honorary Aussie Sonja May 02, 2009
The female version of sexual arousal.
Use: Girl did you see Russell Crowe in Gladiator, he gave me some serious girl wood. Use Two: Check out the muscles on that guy washing his car; wishing he was washing me...gettin some hella girl wood.
by MommaJ January 15, 2010
enlarged or tough clittoris resulting in a small bulge in females pants
her girlwood was the biggest ive ever seen
by slipknot8766654321 January 08, 2010