stupid manufactured bubblegum pop group. Complete wannabes who cant sing and like to diss other bands and other singers. Complete chavs, rely on their looks to sell records, and even dissed a show identical to the one they were created on, they are fame base consists mainly of ten year olds. They dont write their own songs, it would be a blessing if they were shot into space and never seen or heard of ever again....
randomer: You going to the girls aloud concert then?
randomer 2: I would rather eat my own feaces than listen to a scrawny group of chavs trying to lip sync to a 'song' whilst getting it on with some chairs
randomer: I guess your right....
by moonylunar December 21, 2005
god you bind twats! they have NO talent and are so covered in makeup they look like well...chavs, which is all they are, so please dont compliment them. they suck.
girls aloud - townie scum
by bitchybitch March 29, 2005
4 yummy girls, and the ugly ginger one form this "band" (band being inverted because they do not write or sing there own music, the bastards) There fanbase consists of teeny boppers, who like laughing at the ugly clown (thats nicola) they where formed on a Television Program called "Popstars the Rivals" back in 2002, during the month of september, and in the year 2002, the whole of the UK's television sets broke and we had to pick 5 random girls to be in a band.
OMGSH Nicola from Girls Aloud is stunnin

you are gay
by Robalton September 11, 2008

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