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1.) Another colloquialism for vagina. Can also refer to boobs or anything else that physically defines a woman.

2.) The stuff dreams are made of.
Mandy has the cutest girlparts evar!!
by ThaBigCheesy September 06, 2010
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A wicked awesome all-female band created by a bunch of awesome girls/friends. Singles on our not yet released cd include the smash hit "STI" and the more mellow "Big Gina".

Members include Gillian, Hailey, Krista, Ashlen, Anne, and Sarah.

Girl Parts is pretty much the best band in the galaxy.
by Gillian G November 01, 2006
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a woman's same-sex "significant other" (GIRLfriend/PARTner), and a sweet double entendre.
I invited my niece and her hot, new girlpart to go to the movies with us.
by hurrico December 20, 2011
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