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A fake country located in Europe, it is usually used by Omegle users from around the globe to fool kids and people from the states.
Unfortunately I managed to convince over 100 american people that this country actually exist, therefore Im proud to be an Israel\Canadian!
Stranger: Hey!
Me: hello there!
Stranger: Im from Texas you?
Me: Girland
Stranger: cool where is that?
Me: Europe

Me: like right above France...
Stranger: Cool !! teach me something in girlandian!!
Me: Ani Zona

Stranger: whats that?!?
Me: it means I'm beautiful
Stranger: Ohh so I'm such a Ani Zona girl ;)
Me: oh yes you are you dirty slut!

*for those who don't understand Ani Zona= Im a slut (in hebrew)
by silverXD May 28, 2010

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