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1. A female who constantly references sexual or perverted subject matter in formal, polite and casual conversation.
2. A female whose licentious behaviors suggest a certain inherent and distorted or impure sensuality.
1. The act of a female parading and/or exhibiting her sexuality publicly whether by physical depravities, verbal sexuality or generally overtly suggestive or socially inappropriate behavior.
2. The deviation of a female from accepted sexual practices.
1. to possess the attributes of a girl-perv.
1. To behave in a girl-perv like manner.
God damn, the botch is a girl-perv she’s petite modeling shirtless down the H .
by boy-perv April 02, 2008
a girl who is a pervert, basically. she is creepy to guys the way male perverts are to girls.
Omg, Stacey is totally imagining that guy naked. shes such a girlperv!
by Beckley March 09, 2009
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