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Like a Boy Toy, except its referring to a girl.
Boy 1: I've been hooking up with her for weeks.

Boy 2: So is she your girl twirl?

Boy 1: yeah...
by girltwirl December 10, 2011
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Like Boing-flip, if somebody insults you, this 'twirls' it back in their face, in a girlry fashion.
Alex: Ella smells!
Ella: Girl twirl!
by ella-bella22 May 25, 2007
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When engaging in sex with the girl on top, and she twirls from the standard on top position to reverse cowgirl while keeping the man inside of her the entire time.
When she did that girltwirl, I almost had to stop right there it was so amazing.
by TankMagnum November 04, 2011
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