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Totes, fab, and cray-cray are three examples of what is know as "girl slang". Typically said in a turn up kind of voice, these words never fail to confuse boys: another type of creature that has a penis and likes beer. Typically used in company of other girls during situations of extreme gossip. Another extremely common girl slang term is OMG, oh my god, or any equivalent. These are also used by guys, but not in typically conversation.
Girl: OMG, that party was so like totes cray-cray, that dance was so fab.

Boy: Say what? I was studying my beer. Dunno what you mean but okay yah whatever.

Girl: Totes whatev's.

Boy: What you said.

Girl: Alright little boy gtg

Bou: Gosh, never understand thus girl slang.
by RandomStupidLilBoy March 09, 2014

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