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When multiple lesbians have a large orgy with lots of sexual acts involved.
"Last night me and four other bitches tosses us a girl salad."
"Let's go make a girl salad!"
by Giant Lesbian October 12, 2009
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When many girls come together and do things such as pile together into what appears to be a giant salad made up of only girls. No carrots. Nothing like that. Just girls. Just salad. Just a girl salad. All girl. All salad. All girl salad.
"Cool guys! Cool. You're cool, right? Yeah, Uh Huh. Cunt. Cunt. Flappy cunt. Old cunt? Ooooh. Fifteen year cunt. Niceeee! Gonna go make a girl salad? Yeah? Cool. Awesome. You're awesome."
by Vanderhoof November 24, 2009
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