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A girl drink usually has a name like "Some kind of fruit + tini," anything with "Breeze" or "Sunrise" in the title, and/or containing some kind of sexual innuendo: "Against a Wall" or "On the Beach." Also, they look like something Rainbow Brite and her crew would drink on a bender, and they usually have more accessories than Mr. T.
"Dude, what is that girl drink in your hand?"

"It's an apple-tini, easy on the 'tini'"

"I'll have a Guiness, and a gay beer for my gay friend"
by sbj1786 April 28, 2009
Any alcoholic beverage that should only be consumed by female drinkers, such as Cider.
Drinkning hard cider. Especially when mixed with Guinness.
by Guy drinker July 11, 2005
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