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Girard is a small town in Erie county, Pennsylvania. Most people's friendships are forced together by family relationships. While walking down the street you will see an old man walk his dog, druggies on bikes, and stupid white girls on their way to Sheetz.

The Girard school district is often hated, not only other schools, but by it's own students. Most people are referred to as "fake". The middle school has more drama than the highschool. In the highschool you will see couples making out every corner you see. There are no real cliques, instead some are home to "squads". Most students are better friends with the teachers than other children. Seniors act superior to freshman, although they are much mor immature. The only thing worse than Erie's fuck boys are Girard Whores. GHS is never closed, but when it is it's Valentines Day.
Omg did you hear what Sara said? She is so fake, that's Girard for you.

Is your school off today? No it's Girard.

*10 people blocking hall* Senior : ew there's a freshman blocking the hall.
by skrekislifethroughthicknthin November 22, 2014
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Tall, fly, handsome, every girls dream. He has great eyes and he knows every spot that get a girl right. His sex game is great. Also, he is well endowed.
Girard is so sexy, he got me right last night

I wish I had a nigga like Girard. He always fresh too.
by Tierra Tilly February 07, 2010
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Girard is a town bordering Youngstown, Ohio in Trumbull County, located in Northeast Ohio. Girard is a relatively middle class city with a small downtown area that includes the Ohio and Pennsylvania famous Jib Jab Hot Dog Shoppe. Girard has a relatively low crime rate, but it seems to be on the rise as Youngstown, Ohio begins to "consume" its suburbs. Girard is most notable for its "Traffic Camera", which is a medium sized steel box that contains a camera and sends drivers speeding tickets without the use of an ACTUAL police officer. The traffic tickets issued were usually $85 dollars but on July 6, 2006, a Trumbull County Judge deemed the camera illegal and it was shut down. Other notable events are the disapperance of Charlotte Nagy Polis, the overly polluted Mahoning River, and its High School Superintendant Joseph Shoaff, who was involed in a sex scandal more than 4 years ago. Girard has a population of about 11,000 people, about 4,700 households, and a median family income of $42,000. Girard's high school mascot is "The Indians".
Girard ,Ohio is a nice place to raise a family.
by B Sheez July 09, 2006
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A person who spreads peanut butter on a keyboard and licks it.
Do you want to Girard?
Do you Girard?
I totally Girard
by Bobby Wade October 16, 2007
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A corrupt, mafia-controlled town just north of Youngstown. Girard is French for "laissez-fair for sale." If you pay off the corrupt city officials, they will let you build or do anything you want. Girard contains over 3000 rental units, in varying stages of disrepair.
Girard, slum, ghetto, low-class, mafia, mob, corrupt, graft, bribe, pay-off, nepotism, cronyism
by marla56 July 25, 2009
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