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A pathetic indoor-dwelling being who watches DVDs that he has purchased 10+ times. He is a 18 year old Peruvian expatriot who now makes up for 55% of Taco Bells sales nationwide. He likes to grow out his little goatee to make himself to look older than 13. He is about 5'0" weighing in at a "Whoppering" 160 lbs. He enjoys consuming cheesy goods including but not limited to cheese, quesadillas, cheesy pancakes, cheeseburger, Crisco, cheesy cheesy, cheese in a can, etc. He recently claimed he would work out to prove to the world he wasnt a degenerate pocket of fat. However following his statement he he proceeded to roll around in a pile of donkey shit. Gio my amigo quit life!
A recent text message I sent to Giovanni Vega
"Your tits are mine nachito. You are fast for a cheese weasle.
by NachyNachNachieNach July 25, 2008
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