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An old wooden bat used for ceremonial rituals to fend of demons and indigestion.
Kukachu, the witch doctor, used the giosafari to call on the gods for peace to reside within the violence existent in his belly.
by Santi San April 21, 2010
1. n. a wildlife expedition on which can be found creatures of all shapes, sizes, and sounds

2. v. to go on a musical rampage that may or may not involve paint and sponges
Billy: Last night I went on a GioSafari through Central Park.
Cindy: Oh yea? Did you see the Backwater Opera?
Billy: No, but the squirrels were singing beautiful arias.

Let's GioSafari like it's 1999!
by butterfly2010 March 23, 2010
A rare precious stone found within the earth's upper mantel where it is formed under extreme pressure into a sphere comprised of 1,000 hexagons. Ever-changing in color, the gem's metamorphosis appears as a translucent opalescent sky blue to an opaque blue darker the sea's deep chambers.
Only one will be righteous enough to wear necklaces made of GioSafari adorning his neck.
by little grasshopper April 06, 2010
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