(n) something between giagantic and enormous.
wow! look at that chics ginormous tits!
by tony_te83 May 15, 2007
Combination of words that is used by hicks to denote something larger than their henhouse.
That thar two-storey building is giiii-normous!
by Amy March 09, 2005
Larger than gigantic, more massive even than enormous, Jared before Subway (eat fresh!)
Heidi Marks in one ginormus bitch
by Q'areem May 28, 2004
A combination of the words gigantic and enormous, but even better.
OMG it's ginormous
by Kelly February 27, 2004
another form of word meaning something huge or large in size
*guy looks over toilet stoll* wow ! that's a ginormous load of crap u got there !
by m0nkie December 04, 2003
when something is so big, you must use two words to describe it. A combination of gigantic and enormous.
"Wow, that penis is ginormous!"
by amy ice December 05, 2007
very big. like bigger than big.
whoa. this city is ginormous
by sarah February 22, 2005

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