Top Definition
1. a stone cold killer
2. the baddest motherfucker on the planet
David: Did you see that guy last night?

John: Fuck yeah, he was a Ginobili.
by DelRioHeat21 April 21, 2010
A dumbass who tries to define a word but is not funny at all.
white people are such ginobilies because they get mad when u say bitch but its a word in the dictionary.
by ladyLover2night4UrealQUICKok July 13, 2010
To greatly overreact to little or no physical stimuli for personal gain
Guy #1: Did Shaq make a foul?
Guy #2: NO! Manu Ginobili ginobilis again!!
by Lakers24 November 18, 2010
half limp penis that just bends when insertion is tried
Im sorry I drank to much and got a Ginobili
by bulbus June 10, 2005
n, huge knockers, big titties, a large rack, mammos, jugs, bongos,
That girl looks like she is smuggling midgets. She's got huge ginobilis
by foco November 20, 2004

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