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Only Italians can be ginos. Where the hell do you think the name Gino came from? Everyone else (cakers, greek, persian and portuguese are just biters). You guys can be Yiorgos, Asifs and Domingos but not ginos. Stop trying to co-opt our culture.
Pino, Lino and Tino were true solid ginos.
by L'il ignant dago November 19, 2005
80 116
a male gina, ginos and ginas were tight clothes, listen to gino beats, both love dancing and the colour pink!
and usually europian
look at the guy in that kappa suit hes such a gino!
by crystal March 25, 2005
60 100
A term used for a goal in hockey.
Rob Schremp gets sick ginos
by Steven W May 08, 2006
51 105
(Something that beings with G) in name only
That American Godzilla movie is just GINO (Godzilla in name only)
by Bob882 September 18, 2005
12 72
An acronym used to identify the Monster from the 1998 Tristar "Godzilla" film. It stands for "Godzilla in Name Only" and is the most used identifier for that particular monster.
"GINO lost to the real Godzilla in Final Wars."
by familyghost January 16, 2006
15 80
A little camp, arrogant and pretentious. Eg, Peter Stringfellow, Simon Cowell, Tom Cruise. This ambigous word also encompasses general freakishness.

Pronounced jyno.
"Look at him, WHAT A GINO"
by Insanejake January 09, 2006
8 75
A European gangster, with backrounds that are European (French, Serbian, Spanish, etc.). Can include Russians.
"What the fuck is a Gino"

"Yo I'm Gino, and you can't join us, cuz you ain't Euro stupid bitch"
by Platinum Scorpio April 30, 2006
17 92