sexual organ of a female; vagina
Danielle Stella has crabs in her ginny.
by Jim Martin September 17, 2005
A cute feminine name for the vagina, and most importantly you can use it in front of the ladies
I sure would like to get a look at ginny tonight.
by Jason December 27, 2002
never say dat word; it insults italianos
yoo ginny wat up gangsta?
Are u a PIMP????
by Anonymous November 07, 2003
slang for "fat" mainly used by friends of the fat person
"whats up ginny" etc
by brown warrior November 23, 2007
Basically another word for a pussy. You test whether a guy is a ginny by pretending to slap/hit him and if he flinches he is a ginny. Ginny is pronounced Gyney. Props to the MCD family for makin up this word.
BRENDAN MO. He is the biggest ginny there is.
by Big DiBs August 11, 2006

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