my name. short for virginia, like the state. pronounced like gin.

also the name of that chick frm harry potter. (i was first)
and this old doll they had before barbie.
"hey im ginny"-chick
"like the harry potter chick?"-guy
"pshh no shes a bitch."-chick

by ginny owayday February 11, 2008
A Racial Slur Twords an Italain. Means Italain is low class , or cheap , poor , very low word twords an italain. Like Nigger twords a black person.
(Italain)Yo what up Ginny?

(African American)Nuttin Much nigga Hittin Dis L Right Hea.
by Primo January 26, 2004
"Ginny" a word derived from the language of Crobonics, a.k.a Crolish, or Croleyism. Originating in Arab, Alabama by the Croley brothers. It is used in a sarcastic manner meaning "skinny".
*large woman walks by*

Me: "Damn, she was Ginny"
by chuknow November 06, 2006
The word "Ginny" is a mysterious grundle girl who lives in caves and sniffs the grundles of passer bys. She has long frazzled black hair of an asian woman, and she looks like a ogre and smells like a grundle. She is the grundle-iest grundle you can ever find, and she is deaf and blind basically a vegitable grundle. She sits in her cave and smokes cheap menthols and grundles it up all day.
Wow, my grundle is really tender; the grundle girl ginny must've been licking it.

Owwwwwwchah. You hit my tender spot in my grundle!

I'm feeling really diseased and grundly.. has ginny been here?
by Derek Randall April 08, 2008
A way to describe an ugly man or woman or a very dumb idea.
Guy 1: "wanna get laid tonight by jessica alba"
Guy 2: "heck no, thats supa ginny"

Example two

Guy 1: "Unnn that girl is supa ginny"
Girl 1: "Homie you ginny"
by Supa Sweet Eric July 17, 2009
The belief that one was born in 1692 and was a witch. A Ginny thinks that they were burned at the steak, gangraped, and stoned. This was her past life, of course, in her presant life she thinks that everyone is out to get her and she is on a list.
Chick went totally psycho, she started doing drugs and giving $5 blowjobs during her stripper days. She is going Ginny.
by HaroldtripleSEKS February 12, 2008
North-west, English slag for something mean or cruel.
"Thats really ginny the way you took his wallet while he was passed out on the couch!"
by Cider Scorpion March 05, 2005

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